Saturday, April 26, 2014

A great spring day

Today, I got up, made my oatmeal (awesome recipe, takes a long time so I do a batch of 9), changed the oil in my car, and got kids fed. Katie has school this morning, so I walked her across the creek and down the greenway. We got there right on time, then I came back with Christian in the stroller... 

First we stopped to watch construction of a bridge on Kelly Rd, then we went to the playground where Christian and I went down the big tube slide, swung on the tire swing (getting quite dizzy, I might add), and played in the sand. Then we walked down the greenway back to the house.

Christian wanted to get out under the toll road and he looked under rocks for whatever he might find... then we walked on and he took a keen interest in Beaver Creek where the greenway crosses over it. We looked at the creek from both sides of the bridge, then he peered at it through one of the slits between boards on the wooden bridge deck.

We made it back to the house area, crossed over the fallen tree bridge, and Christian again schooled me on playing. He went right to playing creek-side while I crossed the bridge again to get the stroller. When I go Back, he showed me a little brownish red rock and insisted it was a hermit crab. Then he piled sand in my hands so I could dump it in the creek.

And on to the trampoline after that... where we sang "Itsy Bitsy Spider" a few times and just had a blast.

Then we went inside where Christian watched Chuggington and I took a short nap.  Chuggington has become all there is on the TV for Christian now that he's discovered it through a Tag book. 

This is how he slept for nap on Friday, but he was not sleeping for this picture on Saturday before lunch.

I snarfed down lunch and headed out to pick up the other child from school.  Katie had a hard time recognizing me because I had changed shirts and have a day-old haircut (#2 buzz for the summer).  We walked back to the park (same as where I swung with Christian earlier), and I swung again, this time with Katie.  She was not impressed at the motion that I was able to achieve while on the swing with her, but she squealed with amusement when another school friend got on and I managed to tug the thing to wild heights and rotation.  And they carried on for a good long time.

We headed out to Morehead Planetarium and Science Center for LEGO-Palooza, mostly an exhibition of things local people have built.  We'd arranged to meet some friends there and were glad when that worked out. 

I expected Katie to look at all the things and say, "I'm bored.  Let's go."  Then we would take her downstairs to look at the Apollo exhibits, and head out.  Boy, was I surprised!  Katie got wrapped up in a game played on a large 3-D game board built by one of the LEGO enthusiasts, and she played for nearly an hour at it, during which I went with the other three in our party to the basement to inspect the exhibits downstairs which are no longer Apollo artifacts but are about the solar system, time, and other such things.  

Afterward, the friends offered to take Katie to the park near their house while I went to the UNC Library to see what I could do for online research (this was a gem of quiet time to do exactly what I had a mind to do).  The librarians explained that the card one can buy from there does not include online research tools, so I didn't buy it, but they quickly suggested NC Live.  I'll have to investigate that when I'm looking the next thing up.

Then on to the park where Elizabeth came to meet us.  She went for a run on the greenway nearby while the other children slid down the blue rubberized play surfaces beside some slides.  Christian had a great time playing in the sand, and even went over to a little picnic table and made a birthday cake of sand for me complete with a candle I was to blow out (a thin scrap of wooden mulch).  Katie, meanwhile, cooperated with some other kids to dig what seemed at first like a hole to China but what turned out to be more of a moat-like thing.  It was great fun.  Katie even made it back home with her shoes, albeit full of sand.

Christian had a first-class tantrum when we got home, and Elizabeth showed exactly how to put it down.  There should have been a parenting instruction video in the making at the time.  Then we had a wonderful rest of the evening playing trains and reading bedtime stories.