Thursday, October 1, 2009

Who turned out the lights?

This was one of those times when you try reaaaaly hard not to laugh too hard. I pulled out some zucchini bread to eat this evening and inadvertently cut it into 4 pieces. Habit dies hard after you've been cutting 4 pieces after a year!

Katie: That's Ricarda's piece!
Mommy: Well, Ricarda is pretty far away right now. Do you remember where Ricarda is right now?
Katie: She's at Germany! She's hungry right now.
Daddy: Actually, I think she's asleep right now.
Katie: Yeah, but we aren't asleep. We waked up because it's light outside.
Daddy: And Ricarda's asleep right now because its dark outside.
Katie: Yeah, somebody at Germany turned off the lights!

My daughter, the budding physicist.

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