Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bachin' it

What does one do while the ladies are out? All the the things that require disruptions to the house and schedule, of course!

  • Meet the financial planner for lunch
  • Old Habits Bluegrass Band free outdoor concert (as long as you don't mind 91° at 7:30 P.M., which I and a great many others didn't)


  • Fasten the garage door properly. The builders stopped when they got to the brick at the bottom cubit of the track. That's fine if you don't mind the bottom of the track wobbling a bit, but that pesky infrared beam at the bottom kept getting broken by misaligned track. I used masonry screws to fasten track to brick. Duh.
  • Blog about our evening walks
  • Try again to fasten the household surge suppressor to the wall. No joy. Maybe next time.
  • Free concert: Triangle Brass Band. A small amphitheater full of people did not turn from 95° at 7:00! For the Star Spangled Banner, the euphoniums played the piccolo part! They did a pretty good job, too!
  • Walk around the lake
  • Shop for thermostats and a replacement battery for the porch light timer
  • Install and program thermostats and battery
  • Prep for promotion Sunday. This is insane because 1) I didn't have the manual before class 2) I changed rooms and got a different set of materials than the set I was familiar with 3) I wasn't even sure which room I was supposed to be in!
  • Teach Sunday School - 3 kids, 2 teachers. Good ratio :)
  • Attend the 11:10 Church service - good sermon on how we are/should be interrupted by God. (Oh, and a funny ministry moment video about how people should teach Sunday School including the bit where I explain how easy it is to follow the material and, "if you mess up a word while reading [the lesson book] to them, the 3 year olds don't care.")
  • Go to Michael's house for lunch and an MST3K movie. Thanks, Amy!
  • Shop for a ceiling fan
  • Rearrange light switches - the motion detector didn't work in the foyer, so I moved it to the top of the back stairs.
  • Install the ceiling fan
  • Return camera accessories we didn't actually need
  • Buy light bulbs, get free ones for the ceiling fan since it didn't come with any
  • Buy more light bulbs ($1.05 for a 4-pack of 2700k CFL bulbs is AWESOME!)
  • Install some of those light bulbs
  • Grouse about the oil spill while watching Antiques Roadshow and History Detectives
  • Install a dimmer switch where we had a broken one before
  • Spackle and paint where a thermostat used to be. (There's still a thermostat very near there, but the new one is smaller.)
  • Work on Wikipedia related to LeapFrog Enterprises. There was nothing much on the Tag.
  • Exchange and install more CFL bulbs. Gotta love that $1.05 sale!
  • Freecycle stuff

  • Clean up the mess I made
  • Do dishes
  • Get ready for the ladies' return!
  • Share hugs and kisses with the weary travellers!

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