Saturday, September 18, 2010

Katie's Sister and Brother

Katie has a brother and sister.  We've never met them.  (Funny that, us being the parents and all.)  But she has told us about them on many occasions, and been mostly consistent with her tellings.  They are from Ireland, or at least they've been to Ireland.  She said they were going to drive there, but when I explained that there was an ocean in the way, she said they were going to a different Ireland - one of three.  Ok, I can work with that.  They were going to Ireland to see the leprechauns.

The next day, my Irish co-worker headed back home for a month or so.  I told her of Katie's siblings and their mission.  She said she'd relay the message to the leprechauns.

I told Katie of my co-worker that night, explaining that she was on the plane to Ireland.  You will never guess who was on that same plane. Sure enough, her brother and sister were on the same plane as my co-worker!  So says Katie.

These siblings are not just any siblings.  They are especially ill-behaved.  They bite, hit, kick, lie, and talk about the potty at all manner of inopportune times.  In fact, other than the trip to Ireland, I think that list is a complete list of what they do.  Katie has put them in time-out a few times, too.  I'm not sure if they squirm or cooperate, though!

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