Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Boy's Life

Christian's grandfather's first word was "bug," uttered when he saw a moth flying around a light.  Christian now has many words ("car" was the very first, and "train", "truck", and "bus" not far behind - the kid likes his vehicles.)

Yesterday Christian climbed up on the 8-in-1 playset, up through the tunnel connecting the two towers, and he stopped on the platform at the top of the big slide.  He spotted an ant or two crawling around the platform.  He sat down on the platform and watched with rapt attention as one of them tooled around the platform alongside Christian's leg and under his shoe and back into view again.  Then Christian decided it was time to go, so he got up on the slide, got into position, then raised his right hand in the air to waive as he slid down, saying, "Bye, bye, bug!"

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