Thursday, May 30, 2013

Train Cake

I had some questions about the train cake so I thought I would share a little more detail.  Two days before the celebration was scheduled, I realized I had no cake and no real plan for Christian's birthday cake or cupcakes or anything.  I was doing some late night research on the internet when I happened to search for "easy train cake".  This blog came up and I was thrilled to find something that I didn't need specialty stuff for (like a cake mold that I didn't have time to buy).

The original was made with mini loaf pans but I made mine with regular size loaf pans since I was expecting to feed more people.  I made the Darn Good Chocolate Cake from the Cake Mix Doctor and covered it with buttercream icing, also out of the book.  Some food coloring and some candy and badda bing badda boom, I had a train cake!  Katie helped with some of the decorating but she kept wanting to eat all of the M&Ms. :)

Some better pictures:

 My lovely assistant. :)

In the end, I got exactly what I always want with any birthday cake.  It was super cute and TOTALLY delicious.  In fact, it was so delicious we decided not to take the extra (we had a whole caboose left after the party) to Jim's work or to my friends.  We just ate it all ourselves! :)

Yay for the internet!

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