Thursday, June 20, 2013

Interesting Conversations

Two recent conversations with my fun and amazing 7-year-old daughter.

After seeing someone kill the spider that was on the posted heat sheets at our swim meet last week.

K: Mom!

M: Yes?

K: They just killed that spider!

M: Yes?

K: That means that they killed a frog!  And they killed a bird! And bigger animals!  They're RUINING the WHOLE FOOD WEB!!!

Side note: She has been watching a lot of Wild Kratts lately.  It is a great show and I guess she is learning a lot about animals and the natural world!

This morning after walking between the rug in our living room and the runner behind the loveseat several times.

K: Mom!

M: Yes?

K: Did you KNOW that this big rug is just a BIGGER version of the one back here?

M: Um, yeah, actually.  I bought them as a set.  There is a third and smaller one by the back door.

K: (walking immediately toward the back door) What?!? Really?!?

Side note: We bought these rugs about 2-3 years ago and the living room is the room we spend ALL of our time in.

I have often wished I had a voice activated tape recorder that would turn on and record the most precious and hilarious conversations.  I love the things she says that are funny because of the way she forms language and I especially love hearing the things that she says that show how differently her mind works from mine.  She makes connections that I would never even imagine and yet sometimes, although not always, I understand how she got from A to F by going through Z.  I want to record these memories so that I can hold them close to my heart because I know that I won't remember them when she is 15 and telling me to talk to the hand or when she is 20 and away at college or when she is 32 and having her own babies who say things that make her giggle inside.  Stay innocent and full of life and zeal for learning about the world for just awhile longer sweetheart....

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