Monday, November 9, 2009

Good eater

Mommy, you may have a piece of candy from my Halloween bucket. What kind of candy would you like? Do you like a lollipop? [Holding up a yellow lollipop]

No, I don't really like lollipops.

How about this? [holding up a Butterfinger]

Oh, yes. I like those.

You may have one piece of candy after you're finished with your supper.

Thank you, Katie. That's very kind of you.

Daddy, you already have your dessert [a cup of ice cream, half eaten]. Oh! That's the sound of my pee pee! [runs off to the toilet]

[a moment later, from the bathroom] Mommy, when you are finished with your supper, you may eat that piece of candy.

I already ate it.

Good job, Mommy! You're a good eater! [then follows the process of finishing with the potty and hand-washing]

[Back at the table] You're a good eater, Mom! Gimme a high five!

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