Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Katie and Mommy's Big Adventure - Day 1

On Friday, Katie and I set out on our journey.  Destination: Baltimore. 

 As far as I could tell, I only left one thing that I wanted to take and it could be purchased so it wasn't that bad.  That is nothing short of amazing.  Of course, it meant that the car looks like it's packed for a month instead of a week but still.

 This is what packing for a family reunion, the sun, the beach, the pool, and entertaining a child in varying weather looks like. 

 I'm still working on figuring out the focus issues on my new camera when it is in all auto mode.

We left Raleigh at 8:35, about what I had hoped for and good timing since that put us in Richmond a little after noon.   When we decided to drive, Grandma and Granddad decided to fly to Richmond the night before so that they could stop at the museum and see the 5 Faberge eggs on display there.  We picked them up with no difficulties and headed on to Baltimore after stopping for lunch.

Katie was great for the morning leg as she had Diego to watch for 3 hours.  By the afternoon she was pretty tired but with Grandma and Granddad in the car she was too wired to sleep much.  We hit traffic in DC when the GPS took us through DC proper instead of around DC on I-95.  Who knew that rush hour in DC starts at NOON on Fridays?!?  More excitement followed when we were in bumper to bumper traffic on the interstate, no where near an exit, when I notice we're running out of gas.  It was interesting to try to find a gas station in DC proper.  The GPS found a couple stations for us, neither of which existed so we had to keep driving around a bit hoping we would find one before the gas ran out. 

Although later than expected, we finally made it to the hotel in Baltimore after meeting family for dinner.  It was too late to try out the pool as we were originally planning so we just cleaned up and changed for bed.  I decided to try out the flash in the dim room while Katie was drinking her night time medicine.  Unfortunately, I both caused and captured the following scene.

Fortunately, I thought to take two pairs of pajamas so it was quick work to change into a new pair and rinse this pair out and hang it up to dry. 

This is my favorite shot of the day as we wrapped it up with a story.


  1. Yay!!! I would write more but I'm feeding Ian and typing one handed.

  2. Who steered you out of that wacky traffic? :)