Saturday, June 26, 2010

The neighborhood walk

For a few weeks in the spring, the weather was nice and we went for a walk after supper. With some luck, we'd get back to the house in time to brush Katie's teeth. Walks have been very pleasant, with Katie setting the pace. Katie doesn't walk ALL the way every time, even though it's only about .8 miles.

We almost always take something with us on the walk. It may be the ladybug ball, a tennis ball, or a scooter. I say "we" because Katie rarely manages the object for the entire sortie. There are special places where Katie needs to hold the ball so it doesn't fall into a difficult-to retrieve place. She's learned to do that well, and she has learned to not run into the street after the ball.

If we encounter someone else walking a dog, we can plan to visit with them for a few minutes of petting (after Katie asks permission) and a discussion of whether the dog is a licker, jumper, or something else. We discuss the animals' names and their general health. Once, Katie asked permission to pet the dog and the owner (our delightful next-door neighbor) politely declined because the dog might nip. What? What?!?! No petting? "But I want to pet the dog. I will be gentle," she protested. A useful lesson followed - no tests as yet.

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  1. i love this! you are a great family!!