Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas 2010 - The Beginning

We started our Christmas season off with a trip to see the Apex Christmas Parade last night.  We like attending this even when we didn't live in Apex and we especially wanted to go now that we live here.  The downside of the parade is that it is the only parade that I know of in our area that is at night and it can be COLD.  Last night, by some crazy fluke, it was actually SNOWING.  It doesn't generally snow here until January and February.  Here we are all bundled up to watch.

In keeping with the Christmas spirit for the weekend, we decked the halls today.  Our traditional family trip to pick out a Christmas tree lasted exactly 2 minutes as the wind had started up and it was maybe 40 degrees at 12:30.  Overall, I think we did a nice job this year.
A rare picture of the two of us!

Merry Christmas!


  1. These are great pictures. I detect a family portrait over the fireplace. Granny would love to have one---even a smaller version. I think these are the greatest family pics I have seen of the three of you. Thanks from an unbiased observer, Granny/Mom/Marcia

  2. @Marcia,
    Santa may already have placed such a gift in his toy bag for you!
    Elizabeth :)