Sunday, November 21, 2010

Katie and Mommy's Big Adventure - Williamsburg (Day 5)

The long awaited continuation of Katie and Mommy's Big Adventure!

At the end of our long hot walk from the metro station (in DC, for those of you who don't know or remember our previous day's adventure click here), Katie and I headed off to a new adventure in Colonial Williamsburg!

We managed to get there in time to catch about half of the reenactment they did that morning.  Katie didn't understand much of it but I had a good time.  After we managed to get through the cannons at the end of the reenactment (which Katie listened to covering her ears and hiding against me, sorry sweetie!) Katie finally relaxed enough to listen and even dance to the fife and drums. 

We covered all the great Williamsburg highlights.  It was awesome.  I had fun, Katie had fun, and we got to see and do a lot of fun things.  We tried out the stocks...

...the cooper, and the shoe maker.  We had a particularly good time at the furniture maker and he gave Katie some horsehair grass stem or something that they used to use as sandpaper.  She had a blast spending 15 minutes or so sanding different pieces of wood they had. 

We also made bricks at the brick maker which involved the fun task of playing in the mud (called treading clay).  Workers would work the clay in their bare feet to make it soft and pliable while also cleaning out sticks and rocks that would make the bricks more likely to crack.  For us, it was just a good reason to get dirty.

 We tried on hats...

...tried out the local jail...
...visited with the locals...

...and generally had a great, although exhausting day.

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