Thursday, June 16, 2011

Newborn Photo Session

One thing I didn't do with Katie was newborn photos.  I just wasn't with it enough before and right after she was born to consider doing something like that.  The first professional pictures I have of her are from Sears in November when she was 6 months old.  I was LIVID about the photo session, although we did get a decent picture or two, it wasn't worth the time and money spent.  Fortunately, Jim loves to take pictures and Katie was very photogenic (still is!) so we do have lots of pictures that I like from when she was a baby.  Since the Sears fiasco I have been looking for a professional photographer/studio who could regularly take good pictures of my kids and my family.  So far, I've had very little luck. friend Laura Case has recently started her own photography business, Laura Case Photography.  Like me, she has searched in vain for an affordable and GOOD professional photographer to regularly photograph her twin boys and the family as a whole.  Her solution was to learn how to take awesome pictures herself!  I have watched her photography grow over the 5 years that I've known her (we met when our kids were 6 and 8 weeks old in a mom's group) and her photography is AMAZING!  I was thrilled when she asked to come take newborn photos of Christian.

I originally told Laura that I didn't feel like he was totally relaxed in any of the pictures.  When I went back and looked at the pics again, I realized that's not entirely true.  I think this is about as relaxed as he gets, however, outside of a food coma.

This is a more typical look for my son. He's a shoo in for Grumpy Old Men 3.

I'm so over this.  Are we done?

 "Num, num, num, know?"

 "What up dude?"

I can't wait until we get together again to do the whole family!

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  1. I cannot believe how much of Katie I see in Christian. Maybe it's the eyes? Very, very sweet pictures and when he is 6 ft you will never believe he was this small.