Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Preschool Graduation

Lest you think that I only have one child, let me brag on my other one for a little bit.  A few months ago, I realized, after my friends had posted about it, that I needed to register Katie for Kindergarten.  Kindergarten.  Like, real school.

Wow.  How did we get from here... here!?!

Attending Kindergarten orientation was surreal.  It just doesn't feel like this stage of her life could be over that fast!  Her teachers told her that they had to sing loudly so that the parents would cry.  I am here to admit that I balled the whole time.  Here are my favorite graduation memories:

Here is the video of my favorite graduation song ever.  It was hilarious and I still love hearing her sing it. :)

We forgot to take any family pics of Katie in the graduation robe while we were at school so we borrowed one of the robes and took some pics in our backyard.

How grown up she looks!  

Katie loves her little brother!

Me and my kiddos.

 A rare family picture.

 The girl I am truly sending off to Kindergarten...TOMORROW!  (Do you think we should warn the teachers...?)

Love you my special girl!

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