Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Late flight

Katie sits at the controls of the B737-300 we took from KPHX to KRDU.
We had a fantastic time at Katie's uncle's wedding in Phoenix. Katie's energy level goes up when she's tired, and she demonstrated extraordinary energy at the reception! The next morning, she was awakened about 8:30 Phoenix time. She hadn't slept enough, and what with the 3 hour east time change coming, we didn't want her to nap (though she still needs to), nor was there any time she might have, except on the plane leaving Phoenix at 4:20 p.m. and arriving in Raleigh at 11:40.

I asked her to sleep on the plane. I sang to her. She covered my mouth and told me to stop singing. Then she laid her head on my lap and begged me to sing again, promising to listen and rest. 3 bars into that song, she interrupted me, so I stopped, and she begged me to sing again. And so it went, with her changing positions, me singing, and her changing positions again. She was wired. Before long, she got to wailing. On the plane. For everyone to hear. Then she cried out, full volume, "I am NOT TIRED!" Several of our fellow travelers laughed, and that made me laugh.
I gave her my phone and she played with it peacefully until we had to put it away for landing, and she behaved just looking out the window until landing. We stopped at the cockpit for a quick tour on the way out.
On the way home, she was quite excited to report speed and speed limit as reported by the GPS and visible to her in the back seat. She's learned to read numbers reliably lately, and she loves to practice. Liz, who was driving, asked her to report the numbers silently. 30 seconds after the second request, Katie was sound asleep.

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