Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sooooo tired...

Actually, I'm not talking about me. :)  My daughter is the MOST ENERGETIC CHILD I KNOW.  She is the kind of child who gets hyper when she's tired.  My mother commented once that Katie wasn't tired when I was trying to put her to bed.  The truth is, Katie has not been tired for FIVE YEARS.  As a baby, she could only go to sleep when there was nothing else to do.  I couldn't rock her to sleep, or hold her or even be in the room.  She wouldn't sleep in the car seat (at least, not long enough), or in the pack and play downstairs or out shopping or anything.  I had to put her in her bed, close the drapes, turn on the music and leave the room.  If I did that, she would move around and fuss for 5 minutes (the equivalent of turning around 3 times and then flopping down) and then she would crash and sleep.  She slept through the night early and, after she was 3-4 months old, she slept two hour naps twice a day.  Like clockwork.

But she's never tired.  She never rubs her eyes, or droops sleepily or plays until the battery finally winds down.

Until now.

Katie is tracked out this week and I sent her to a gymnastics camp that I purchased on Living Social for a steal.  $80 for 5 days 9-3.  When I picked her up yesterday on day two of camp, I wish I had had a camera and been thinking about taking a picture.  Half of her hair was falling limply around her face having given up on the ponytail I so carefully put in that morning.  Her face was haggard and unsmiling and her feet barely lifted off the floor as she walked.  She didn't look like she could pick her feet up off the floor.  I finally found something that completely, totally tuckered her out.

It's good to know that the Energizer Bunny does, eventually, run down. :)

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