Monday, July 30, 2012


We had such an awesome day today!  It was one of those days where the schedule you are trying to implement, works. When the kids mostly work together, you have the time and mental wherewithal to follow your well-intentioned discipline or positive behavior strategy, no one has a meltdown (or you are able to stop the meltdown in progress), and everybody makes it to bed on time.

This was the kind of day I was hoping for when I decided to stay home.  I did my core strengthening video this morning and then got the kids up and ready for school.  After getting Katie to school this morning, I headed off to PT.  I have the time to treat my back as I need to to recover from my most recent spasm.  Christian and I stopped at the YMCA to check on track out swim lessons for Katie and then headed home for lunch and Christian's nap.  He went down without a fuss and I worked on setting up Katie's reward board (again, we had a technical problem and had to download it again).  We walked up to the bus stop and played with neighbors while we waited for the bus (and Christian was MOTIVATED TO WALK BY THE NEIGHBOR BOY!!!). After we got home, Katie decided to get out the sprinkler and played in that while Christian played on the driveway and I weeded some in the garden.  Then we played with the bat and ball we have and Katie thought that was awesome.  It was great to have the time and freedom to say "Yes, you can put on your swimsuit and play in the sprinkler for 30 minutes before you do your homework and yes, I will play ball with you."  I think we had some good love tank filling time today, something both Katie and I needed.  Even dinner, baths and bedtime was pretty good, despite the fact that Jim unexpectedly had to work late.

Oh, and the kitchen isn't too bad (ie, not a disaster), the bathroom isn't too bad post baths (also not a disaster), and my back was GREAT today.  Not perfect, but my new regimen seems to be helping.  Finally.

Thank you God, I needed a day like today.

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