Monday, November 1, 2010

A Baby...or...?

It's official!  We're pregnant again after a long struggle with health issues.  We look forward to welcoming Baby Scarborough 2.0 into our family around 5/13/2011, right before Katie's 5th birthday.  While I had really not wanted my children to be so far apart in age, I am doing my best to remember that God's timing is best and there is a reason for everything.  A special blessing in this pregnancy is that my best friend is also pregnant now after a VERY long struggle to get pregnant.  After many years of being friends I find it especially wonderful to be able to share this journey together.  It is also special to me that our "not cousin" children will be only about 8 weeks apart in age (assuming everyone delivers on time). 

We hadn't officially announced our pregnancy to the masses (although pretty much anyone who reads this blog already knew) because we had not told Katie yet.  After my latest doctor appt. and ultrasound today, we shared the pictures and news with Katie.  Since she has been asking for a baby for over a year (and we've been putting her off by telling her that we will when God says it's time) she was excited about finally being a big sister for real. 

At first, of course, she thought the picture was a shoe. 

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  1. And just think - Katie gets to practice gentle touches for 8 weeks before living with a new shoe...I mean baby. :)

    You know she'll be welcome to come over and practice with me (provided my u/s today doesn't also reveal a shoe).