Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Continued

As Jim wasn't present for the entire happy birthday celebration I thought I would add a few extra details.  The original point of the birthday celebration (if such a thing can be found) was to eat the "cake" Katie had "baked" for me.  She made my favorite, banana chocolate chip cake.  Before I could eat it, however, we had to sing happy birthday (keeping time with finger snapping), then I could blow out the candles, she would cut the cake and hand out the pieces.  THEN we could eat the cake.  Her instruction were very specific.

It should, perhaps, be noted that my birthday long since passed in September and that Katie never got to sing me Happy Birthday and watch me blow out candles as Jim prefers to make my birthday cake approximately 6 months from my actual date of birth.  I do, eventually, get my favorite cake sometime around February.  Just in time for Jim's birthday in March.  This was the first year Katie noticed, however. :)

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